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Andrew Day is one of England's most popular dressage coaches. He has over 35 years experience teaching riders at his clinics throughout the UK.

From the age of 19, Andrew was a successful international Three Day Event rider, competing at Badminton, Burghley and representing Great Britain abroad. From 1978, Andrew ran Gracious Pond, a well known event yard in Surrey producing horses for all levels, most notably Master Question and The Reverand who notched up four Badminton and four Burghley competitions between them. Indeed “Rev” led the dressage at Burghley on his last trip.

With increasing fascination for dressage Andrew went to Germany to train with Dr. Christian Stampehl (Herbert Rehbein and Bubby Gunter).

On returning to England, Andrew became a key member of the group of young dressage instructors who formed Training the Teachers of Tomorrow, a registered educational charity dedicated to helping young dressage instructors. For ten years Andrew was a Senior Instructor for the TTT and now still holds the post of Senior Lecturer delivering lectures and seminars all over the country.

Andrew pioneered much of the early research into postural biomechanics and his lectures on the subject are highly praised and well attended. He is a guest lecturer for Nottingham University on the subject.

Over the 10 year period of his training with the TTT he was under the careful tutelage of Charles de Kunffy (FEI judge) and Arthur Kottas, (former head of the Spanish Riding School). He also trained with Christine Stückleburger (World and Olympic gold medalist). It is their knowledge and expertise that he passes on to his pupils.

Andrew has trained and competed his own and his clients’ horses up to International small tour level. He has now stepped back from competing himself, to spend more time promoting his three children, who have competed internationally in Dressage. Henry, his eldest son rode on the Under 21 GB team at Saumur 2012. Daughter Elspeth is currently shortlisted for the GB European under 21 team.

A regular contributor to national magazines Andrew enjoys writing and is a published author, his book “101 Dressage Exercises” is still in print 10 years after first being published.


Andrew's style of teaching is “coaching based”, highly structured and builds upon identifying the next easily available step in five key areas:-

1. The rider’s equitation skills of strength, suppleness, dexterity, and co-ordination leading to a deep, adhesive, and harmonious seat in perfect balance with the horse.

2. A thorough understanding of the “basics” whereby a rider can learn how to educate their horse to react correctly to the leg, seat, and rein controls. From these controls, with careful respect of horses individual special needs, the riders can learn how to teach their horses to carry themselves in a correct rhythm and balance and to develop a comfortable, enjoyable relationship, upon which all successful progress depends.

3. An understanding of the physical and psychological make up of the horse, recognising their complex muscular mechanism and how the vital postural engagement needs to be accessed in order to liberate the movement so the horse finds pleasure in carrying his rider.

4. A thorough tuition in lateral and longitudinal riding. This covers all aspects of riding the movements, from the basic balancing and straightening figures, lateral steps and transitions to advanced tempi changes, pirouettes, piaf and passage.

5. Preparation for competition. Strategies for test presentation, campaign planning, choreography and music selection for freestyles.

With this careful masterplan in operation, Andrew is still careful to maintain a fun mood in his lesson, certain that horse and rider progress best when they feel good about themselves and each other.