Lambley Paddocks is the home of the Day family and we take care to preserve the intimate friendly atmosphere.

Originally the yard consisted of a training manege and four stables where Andrew and Annette could train their own horses and develop their 4 children’s riding skills.

The yard is set in 10 acres of fertile land which is divided up into 8 small paddocks. The fencing in most of the paddocks is high mature hawthorn hedging which, as well as providing the safest secure boundary also gives shade and shelter from the weather and a natural habitat for wildlife.

Facilities include:

  • 11 Stables
  • 8 Small Paddocks
  • 1 Outdoor Arena
  • Hot water wash bay
  • Parking
  • Catering & Accomodation

Today, we have 11 stables which are primarily the base for the Lambley Paddocks dressage team, a group of trained horses competing up to international level. We do, however have a few stables reserved for short term schooling, visitors and long term livery clients.

The stables are sturdy wooden structure built to a high specification under a pantile roof which retains warmth in the winter and keeps the interior cool in the summer.

All the stables have a double aspect with the doors opening onto the yard and back windows opening onto the garden. This was planned to ensure the residents always have an interesting view.

The stables face south which makes for a light and warm atmosphere and alongside the yard there is planted a screen of flowering pear trees to protect from the high summer sun and to add a little shade.

The yard was planned so that most of the stables overlook the schooling arena. Our experience is that horses are better settled when visually aware of their fellow herd members.

The arena, originally constructed in 1995, had a rebuild in 2012 and provides a good quality ‘ride on’ surface with silica sand and 3 types of rubber.

The arena is cut into the side of a hill which provides a natural shelter. As the area nestles between the steep bank on one side and the trees and barn on the other, we find all the horses feel secure and confident working in this environment.

In 2010, we finished the pavilion which provides comfortable seating and a focal point from which to watch the horses training progress. There is also a full set of mirrors at one end of the arena which are a great success.

Arena Specs:

  • Arena with mirrors
  • Full-sized sand and rubber
The Stallion Paddock at Lambley Paddocks

Hot wash


Individual turnout

Secure Stallion Paddock

Cool-off track

Friendly Hens